Motobatt that satisfy a bikers' need...

Motobatt on a Moto Guzzi Norge...

"My final report on the MotoBatt battery fitted on Moto Guzzi Norge.

Intentionally leaving the MotoBatt battery connected to the Norge for 1 month without any movements. Battery check with Digital voltmeter shows a reading of 12.28 VDC.

Put bike into 3rd gear. Rock the rear wheels to loosen up the pistons. Twist throttle twice. Insert ignition key and turn " ON ". Press "Start " button.

With a light crank of the starter, engine starts-up in about 2 sec in "auto-chock" setting. Idles at about 2,000 rpm for about 3 mins and goes to normal idling speed of 1,000 rpm. With the same Digital voltmeter, readings at MotoBatt battery terminals shows 13.52 VDC.

Indeed, this MotoBatt battery installed on my Norge has deliver the quality and expectations that I require for my Touring bike, which I don't ride often.

MotoBatt is certainly the battery for Big Bikes that we don't ride often. Delivering the most crucial requirement to start-up the bike after a period of non usage.

I will certainly recommend MotoBatt batteries for leisure big bike users.

Simply because it "delivers" the power when we need it the most.

Safe Rides & Happy Days !!

Kester Kang

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