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Motobatt up on a road warrior... Harley Dyna

Review by owner " 1st week report of MotoBatt on Harley.
3 days after installation reading holds at 12.78 VDC
4th day - Start up of Bike on 4th day - strong cranking current. Bike starts up on 2nd crank with choke pull out. ( 1st May 2013 ) short ride to Kota Tinggi.
On the road - bike feels a better surge on throttle turn. Indicates a better electrical supply to firing circuit. Which also means bike has a better response and performance.

Next Battery reading will be taken on 8th May 2013. 1 week after last ride to record the holding charge available without charging up battery."

2nd Review of MotoBatt on Harley Davidson

On the cool morning of 13th June 2013, I set off from Singapore at 6am with 10 other Big bikes on a long distance and duration ride from SG to Thailand, Betong to attend a Charity Event. It was a straightride of 800km over 9 hours with fuel and lunch stops.

Throughout this distance along the Malaysian North=South Highway, the voltmeter on my Harley displayed a charging voltage of 13.7 to 13.8 VDC. Bike starts-up everytime with a light crank after every stoppage for fuel and lunch. The light crank during start-up shows the good CCA from this MotoBatt battery. Certainly a great difference from the previous Brand of battery I had on my Harley, where the start-up crank sounds like that of starting up a earlier models of Volvo cars. Very loud and long crank of the Starter motor.

My best surprise is yet to come using this MotoBatt battery on my Harley.
On Sunday 16th June 2013, myself and 4 other bikes set off from Betong Thailand and rode up to Cameron Highlands. To enjoy the coldness after all the "heat " at Betong.

Enjoying a delicious warm Steamboat dinner at the restaurant of TitiWangsa was simply sumptously splendid. Slow dinner and long chats with good riding buddy's.

Monday morning 17th June 2013, after breakfast at 10am up the high mountain of Cameron Highlands. We set off for our ride back to "reality" Singapore.
Twist my throttle twice, pull out the " choke " half way, turn-on the ignition.
Wonders of Wonders !!! my Harley starts up with the same 1st light crank, as of on the Highway stoppage. Under the cold night air of previous nigh, nope I didnt cover my Harley, my bike starts up on the 1st crank. And it was gentle cranking of the Starter motor.

Well Well "".......... it just goes to show how extremely well MotoBatt battery has retained and delivered the much needed CCA, under both hot and cold weather conditions.

To start-up my bike. For yet another road to ride on !!
Go North to Travel. Coming home Safe & Happy !!
Till the next Trip beckons Me. On The Road Again !!
Starting Up with my MotoBatt.

Oh ya, in case you have doubts, come meet me and the other bikers who shared the dinner of Steamboat at Cameron Highlands with me on the 16th June 2013.

Good Health & Happy Rides.

Kester Kang