She got a thing for RED

So, I've got a thang for Red.

And you know, having pretty bike accessories fitted on a bike is just like ladies wearing make up.
It can be a powerful cosmetic enhancement!

Stainless Steel Shortie Clutch Lever
Things can only get more deliciously red when my baby Ducati gets pimped by Wing Yap Motor with CNC Racing accessories mostly made of billet aluminium alloy (strong and lightweight).

Sprocket Flange - This star turns into a red ball when it starts spinning!
Made in Italy and distributed internationally from Europe, Asia, Oceania to Africa, CNC Racing is fundamentally built by a team of people who are about Speed, Precision and Quality equipped with the highest technologies.

Credits to CNC Racing 2015
A familiar face to the racing scene, CNC Racing has been actively involved with SBK Althea Racing since 2011 - 2014 as their official technical sponsor. 

Camshaft cover
As their brand name suggests, most of CNC racing products are crafted via CNC (Computer Numerical Control) Machining which is a manufacturing process involving the use of computers to control the machinery that directly creates the parts.

CNC Racing products are born from an intelligent mixture of innovation and design, using valuable material that's worked with utmost care.

I'm someone who normally prefers my big toys and their parts to be all stock. But hey, if CNC Racing accessories could cosmetically enhance my lil red beast without compromising it's performance, why not?

Brake Lever
Apart from boosting my bike's appearance in a subtle way (I don't like it when it's too loud), certain parts increases my riding comfort too - Especially the shortie clutch and brake levers, since I usually use just two fingers on them anyway.

The numbered lever distance selector makes adjusting the reach of my levers easy too.

Wheel valve cap set
It's always the little details that counts, and CNC Racing never fails to pay attention to them. Though it's just an air valve cap, its made of strong aluminium that tightens well compared to some others where we keep losing them forever (ride halfway fly out kind / turn halfway it cracks kind).

Fork Spring Preload Adjuster
See! Look, so stylish, right? They are made of solid alloy and beautifully anodized! Ok but on my Ducati Hypermotard, it's really just for show because my fork spring is non adjustable heh.

Rear wheels axel nut set
From major motorbike races to the most personalized home garage, CNC Racing is identified by their unique and creative customizations to suit every biker's needs.

Spyde LED Signal Lights
They are sleek and small, but these indicators are APPROVED on the roads! So, there is no need to worry for the Traffic Police stopping me. HEH. Made of aluminium, I can rejoice because I will no longer need to frustrate over my stock signal lights breaking and saving it's broken neck with duct tape.

After spending almost half a day at Wing Yap Motor, my Ducati Hypermotard is finally done up stylishly with CNC Racing accessories and it feels oh so prettyyyyy with red bling blings!

I've got my baby pimped.

CNC Racing :

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